Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Visionary Progressions on Art for the Human Soul

(Personal Live-by List.)

By Linda Fry Kenzle

1. The Holy yin/yang is the Motif of Life.
2. True spirit rises out of melancholy.
3. Drag the Arcane into the Light.
4. Abstraction is the doorway. Enter emptyheaded.
5. Forget ALL rules.
6. Totally submit to important aspects - sex, birth, death, relationships.
7. Walk through the portal calling yr name.
8. Anything is art material.
9. Be all-time voracious.
10. Unearth a song you can live in.
11. All Experiences valid.
12. Try not to scream outside yr house.
13. Squeeze a tiny idea into a full-blown work.
14. Eat ART Daily.
15. Make Love Letters to your life.
16. Embrace difference.
17. Trip w/ yr own expansive mind, drug-free.
18. Have bold opinions, yet rip open to the new.
19. You are the Divine Instrument.
20. A threshold is meant to be stepped into.
21. Vibration is Key.
22. Don’t analyze until work is completed...if then.
23. Allow The Flow to take over.
24. Fear not. Angels & Demons are on your side.
25. The Knowing Ones will find the sacred in yr work.
26. Symbols are everything. Spear the Universal; Make yr own.
27. You are no better, no worse.
28. Failure is an illusion.
29. Honor loved ones by revelation.
30. Reality will never live up to the Sacrament of Life.
31. Live inside creation.
32. Get naked.
33. Lick up the Spillage.

Thanks Jack!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Exquisite Muddle...

begins now.